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Air Brush Artist

Our talented air brush artists will work with your guests to custom design amazing pieces of wearable art for them to take home as a memory of your special event.  Guests will simply place their custom order with our air brush artist and he/she will create their truly unique and one of a kind keepsake that will not only be something they will use, but will be something they can talk about long after the event is over.  Contact us to find out how to reserve one of our artists for your event!


The days of ordinary magic are over! Our Mentalist posses the rare talent also know as “Magic of the Mind” . Rather than utilizing sleight of hand and fast fingers, mentalism requires a deep knowledge of human behavior. It combines a multitude of techniques including the art of suggestion, subliminal messaging, body language reading, statistical analysis and neurolinguistic programming. Every show is different because every person is different, adding to the element of excitement and surprise at all our performances

Sports Pros

Do you possess a talent and a love for sports? 

Then why not be challenged by one of Dance Times Sport Pros. We offer a variety of league professionals that will impress you with their skills as well as play against you and your guests.  Basketball, Table Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer ….

LED Robot

Light-up the Dance Floor with our 9 foot tall Robot, Lasers and C02! Sure to impress all your guests.

Aerial Artist - Bubble Performer

Twisted Ballon